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Customer testimonials

The range of Cinecam equipment options is unbeatable! Not to mention agility and proactivity!
Whenever I need to, I go to Cinecam. Thank you all, especially Edison.
Andrew de Felice Murrie | Eitodos Agency

We used Cinecam equipment to film our clip, surprising the options available for rental - we found everything we needed! Thank you Marli, Edison, Akemi and the whole team!
Marcelo Diament | Sincopatas

I used Cinecam equipment to shoot a Stand Up Paddle championship and it was really good! I was impressed with the professionalism of Cinecam. Congratulations to all involved!
Silvano Ernesto | Kalua SUP

We have our own equipment, but when specific demands arise the first company I turn to is Cinecam. I always find everything I need and at fair prices.
Marcel Nascimento | Eitodos Agency